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7th KWAG Workshop

I attended the 7th KWAG workshop held at one of NHN's training centers. KWAG is a voluntarily gathered non-profit, and non-government group of people who share the interest in enhancing Web accessibility in Korea, and this workshop is a kind-of unconference which has no fixed form but the content of the meeting is freely created by voluntary individuals.

KWAG launched several small groups, that is TF's at this 7th workshop. I was involved in Web Accessibility Evaluation TF and newly participated in Caption and Audio Description TF which consists of only three members (Gyu-yeon Hwang, Jiae Mun and me) now. We had a short discussion regarding the plan for this TF and picked out three initiating topics:

  1. Accessibility of multimedia players (whether they are embedded in a Web or run as an independent application)

  2. Field research for captioning applications

  3. Effective caption(or subtitle) design

Have a quick look at the following photos to get how the workshop worked:

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