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This is a personal journal of Greg SHIN. It includes personal stories, perspectives on music, books, social events, technologies and others. It currently utilizes Google's Blogspot (Blogger) for its platform. Formerly, it had been staying on Wordpress for more than 10 years, a world renowned open source content publishing platform. I moved to Blogger from Wordpress to save the hosting fee in 2021. Managing a Blogger comes with a steep learning curve, as the Blogger has its own unique way to build and maintain. I am on the way of learning Blogger as to make it a comfortable writing tool.


  • Started a personal homepage at (around 2000)
  • Renewed the homepage and gave it a title "신승식의 다른 생각". Rebuilt the content using Zeroboard (the ancestor of XpressEngine) (around 2001)
  • Started a blog on the Wordpress platform at Asadal webhosting in 2006. I adopted a "tabless" markup by setting layouts using CSS.
  • My blogging activities decline dramatically as public social media emerges since 2010.
  • Moved to Cafe24 hosting in 2016.
  • Lost the domain, for about 2 years (2016~2018)
  • Re-attached the domain in 2018.
  • Gave up the domain again in around 2019.
  • Sunset hundreds of oldtime posts on Zeroboard (XpressEngine) in around 2020.
  • Started at Google Blogger platform in 2021.
  • Re-attached the domain in 2023.

About Greg SHIN

I am a freelance consultant at Tidy Dream since 2023. Refer to my Facebook, YouTube, Musescore, Linkedin, and Book catalogue for recent updates.

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Last updated: October 08, 2023

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