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Trip to Jeju Island

I had an unforgettable trip to Jeju Island on August 2nd through August 4th with my family: Dad, mom, Doo-shik(younger brother), and Jung-shik (elder brother) and his wife, Minhee. We stayed at a beatiful house for two nights with the ocean view and visited various places including Halim botanical garden, Cheonjiyeon waterfall, U-do, Sanbang-san, and so on.

Dad wearing a straw hat in Halim Botanical Garden, Jeju | Singing Greg with the playing statues | Dooshik spreading out his arm in front of Jesus statue | Mom on the swing | Jungshik and his wife with the Gwanbang Mountain as the background | My family (except me) at the Miniature Theme Park. Dooshik, Jungshik, Minhee (Andrew's wife), Dad, and Mom from the left | Dooshik and Greg riding a horse

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  1. GARDEN8/25/2006

    제주도 다시 한번 가도 좋을 곳이죠?

    저도 6월에 가족들과 2박3일로 갔는데...

    넘 넘 좋더라구요~