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레이블이 Foster인 게시물을 표시합니다. 모든 게시물 표시
레이블이 Foster인 게시물을 표시합니다. 모든 게시물 표시


Beautiful Dreamer (포스터, 꿈길에서)

Here is another piano practice with my new digital piano, Yamaha Clavinova CLP-270. Stephen Foster's Beautiful Dreamer is short and easy to play but quite an adorable tune. I recorded the piano part first and then added the melody with "Recorder" patch from XG of CLP-270. CLP-270, actually, provides extremely poor XG set :-(. The "Recorder" is one of the most distinguished among the full of mediocre instruments. I feel sorry for my clumsy fingering and slightly asynchronous notes between the melody and accompaniment as a result.

Listen to Beautiful Dreamer