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Announcement: Temporarily dysfunctional

Hi, every visitor. I am sorry to deliver this ugly news to you. After the engineer at the hosting service provider moved all data and files to this new server, I cannot update my data. Furthermore, exactly from 2:40 of June 8th to 16:40 of the same date, I lost all updated or created data including your comments. I am asking the hosting provider about the problem but they said there is no problem in the transplantation. I suspect that there is any incompatibility between new MySQL 4.1.15 and old version, 3.23.58.

One more probable or plausible reason would be the wrong encoding scheme configured by the hosting provider. When I check the MySQL status at the terminal, all charactersets for server, DB, client and conn. are euc-kr while my WordPress data and web pages are encoded with UTF-8, a Unicode encoding scheme. Due to this, I cannot modify any existing data and even web feed sends broken information!

I would like to express my deep apology and regret that some of your writings were nullified. Please do not post your comments (in Korean language) until you see a new notification here.

Thanks for your patience.

At 10:09, Sunday, June 10, everything works just fine! Now you can leave your message in Korean again!

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  1. The supporting staff at the hosting service provider is still insisting that the new server has nothing problematic that I can hardly agree with. All the tables used in WordPress have the "euckr_korean_ci" for the collation while all the existing and newly added data must be in "utf8_unicode_ci".