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LGE Chinese Learning Center opens a blog

LG Electronics China has its own Learning Center in Beijing and they grew rapidly for a few years. It was a branch of LGE Learning Center Korea but not any more. They have their own Chinese e-learning site and staffs. Last year they performed much better than Koreans in several aspects. Now I found that they already opened their blog, e-Learning探索日志. It is interesting to keep observing and learning how they are going through their blog. Learning Center China put one step forward.

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  1. Jungshik Shin3/20/2006

    A great new start ! Congratulations, Greg !!

    BTW, it seems like e-Learning 探索日志 is not properly configured. The web site doesn't set MIME charset. You may contact them to fix it. For now, you can work around it by setting charset to GB18030 (or GB2312) as shown below:


    e-Learning 探索日志